Ojārs G. !

Ojārs G. !

Ojārs’s most vivid life events can be divided into ones happening before and ones taking place after a level of severity, a group, was determined for his disability.
When his health was better, he worked at a wood processing plant and was independent in his daily activities. He also has a sister, and they have a close relationship. Ojārs has joined us only very recently. Before being able to receive our services and live at the Cerību māja (House of Hope), he had to wait a certain amount of time. He is glad that he can be active and spend his day-to-day life with greater fulfilment.
At the group house Cerību māja, Ojārs helps with taking care of the horses, mowing the lawn and stacking firewood in the shed. His loved ones characterise him as very diligent, hardworking, and as someone who will do things himself without being told what to do. 👍 At the association Cerību spārni (Wings of Hope), he started off with helping weavers cut the raw material for rugs, later he worked at the ceramics workshop where he made bowls. He also makes candles at the candle workshop.
Recently Ojārs took some lovely photographs of the most beautiful places he knows in Sigulda. Photography is his hobby, with the help of which he gladly brings joy to everyone around. His photographs have been printed on mugs purchasable at the Visi Var (Everyone Can) stores.☕️

Ojārs has obtained a pastry chef diploma, therefore he surprised the group house manager Svetlana with a self-baked crème pâtissière cake on her birthday. He does not like sweets himself, 🧁 he rather prefers pizza. When thinking about the future, Ojārs is considering taking the Latvian Road Traffic Safety Directorate’s (CSDD) exam to obtain a category B driver’s license. He looks forward to the opening of a woodworking workshop, where he could express himself by creating new things.
Ojārs remembers the trip when they all, together with the visitors of the Day Centre, visited the Nature Park in Tērvete. Ojārs’ warmest memories are about the things experienced during his childhood and youth.
Ojārs hopes for everyone to remain in good health and everything else will come naturally in due course. We wholeheartedly congratulate you, because it is your birthday today!
Happy birthday, Ojārs❗🎂


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