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Social enterprise "Visi Var" was founded on January 30, 2018, in Sigulda.

Its aim is to promote the employment of people with disabilities, their relatives and vulnerable groups.

Profit from income is invested in the implementation of charity projects and social support, creation of new jobs and purchase of necessary equipment.



One of the main activities of the social enterprise “Visi Var“ is the operation of workshops or factories. At the moment, the company has 4 workshops: sewing, knitting, printing and creative workshop.

Sewing workshop offers mending and / or sewing and embroidery services.

In the knitting workshop various products are knitted, also by individual order.

Printing workshop offers mug and other A4 size printing services on textiles.

Creative workshop offers original card making and gift wrapping services.



The charity shop “Visi Var“ sells products created by the target group - handicrafts and charity goods. Income from the sold products is invested in charity projects: creation of new jobs and purchase of equipment.

Handicraft trade. In the store you can buy all the products of sewing, knitting, creative workshops, the association "Cerību Spārni" and cooperation partners.

Charity product. The store accepts goods donated by local residents and foreign partners (clothing, household goods, etc.), it is possible to buy household goods from Germany and England.

Off-site sales. We participate in various construction fairs. We gladly respond to the invitation to sell our product in fairs organized by various companies.



We cooperate with state, municipal and educational institutions.

Provide internships for students and trainees.

We provide jobs for students during the summer holidays.

We employ people who perform public work.

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