The association "Cerību kūri" invites you to apply for the development of a logo

We, the Society "Wings of Hope" we are looking for a new, innovative logo and are currently announcing a tender for its preparation. The winner of the competition will be awarded a prize of 300 EUR.

We are two companies - a non-governmental organization "Wings of Hope" and social enterprise SIA "Everyone Can", which is engaged in a very important and necessary work for society - taking care of people with disabilities, providing them with support, giving them a sense of security and warmth every day through our services.

Currently for the association "Wings of Hope" and social enterprise SIA "Everyone Can" there are two different and distinct logos that have already gained their recognition, but our desire is to integrate the message of both of these logos into one common and comprehensive logo that better and more successfully expresses the common image of our two companies. We want to make the visibility of our two cherished companies unified, easy for people to understand and convey our message of our good works in a more engaging way.

We would like to keep two names in the logo - Association "Cerību bgūri" and "Visi Var".

The logo should reflect more important key things:

  • human being as a value;
  • the different can be unifying;
  • a person with a disability;
  • heart work and human love;
  • empathy and tolerance.

If you have ideas on how to make our visual image more recognizable, attractive and understandable to the public - apply!

The association "Wings of Hope" provides many different services to children, young people and adults with disabilities, as well as their families.

The social enterprise of the association "Wings of Hope" SIA "Everyone Can" creates and provides jobs for vulnerable groups of society and realizes the realization of handicrafts of people with disabilities on the Internet platform and in two stores in Sigulda.

We have developed the rules of the competition, which you can familiarize yourself with here.

The competition for the development of a unified logo runs from November 1, 2021 to December 1, 2021.

More explanations about the competition and its conditions can be obtained by writing to e-mail

More information:

Facebook account: @ceribusparni
Youtube account: Wings of Hope Society         
Instagram account: @ceribusparni

Social enterprise "Everyone Can" online store address:          
Social enterprise "Everyone Can" Facebook account: @socialaisuznemumsVisiVar 
Social enterprise "Everyone Can" Instagram account: @visivar

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