As part of the social entrepreneurship support program, ALTUM has awarded a grant to the social enterprise "Visi var"


The aim of the project is to promote and support the employment and well-being of representatives of social risk groups. As part of the project, it is planned to create new jobs for people with disabilities - by creating a workshop for the production of wooden products and increasing the number of employed people in the already existing sewing workshop.

During the implementation of the project, 4 new employment contracts in the field of woodworking will be concluded. Training will be organized for employees to work with equipment. In addition, 1 new employment contract will be concluded, increasing the number of employees in the (already existing) sewing workshop of the social enterprise "Visi Var". Training will be organized for the employee to work with the purchased embroidery machine.

Business project No. will be financed with funding from the European Social Fund, using the grant awarded to Altum and the participation of the social enterprise "Visi var" in paying the eligible costs of the project.

The implementation of the project will start at the end of 2021 and will be implemented until the end of 2022.

The total amount of eligible costs of the project amounts to more than 50,000.00 euros. Altum's grant amounts to 45,042.03 euros.

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