"Visi var" candles are available in "Elvi" stores in Sigulda and Ragana

We have good news - our sincere supporter - store "Elvi" now offers candles made by young people with disabilities in three stores – in the "Raibais suns" shopping center, in the "Elvi" store in Sigulda, Vidu iela 1, and in the store "Elvi" in Ragana.

The young people of the association "Cerību būri" are very happy that their work is being done valued! Each candle is handmade with love and care.

By purchasing our candles, you help our cheerful people young people feel useful and equal! Making candles is a job that helps them spend everyday in the joy of meaningful work!

The association "Cerību kūri" employs people with disabilities every day, giving them the opportunity to operate in specialized workshops and on their own to create wonderful handicrafts with added value!

We sincerely thank the "Elvi" store for supporting our residents!
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