Autumn has arrived, which for most of us is a time of change, both in nature and in people's lives. Autumn is the time when, after the hot summer, the nature around us changes, and so do we. 🍁
Autumn is also a time of change and development in the Social Enterprise "Visi Var". We would like to announce that from September 20, our beloved store on Raina Street will be closed. 🗝
In connection with the closing of the store in Sigulda, Raina Street 1, on September 9, there will be a closing sale. 🥳
The promotional discount will be applied to all items in the store. A 10% discount will be applied if you buy one item. If two items, then a 15% discount and if three or more items, then a 20% discount will be applied. 🫣
Every customer who purchases more than 30 euros from us will receive a surprise gift.🎁
We would like to remind you that every day we offer our customers the most wallet-friendly prices possible, and discount days are very rare with us. 🎊
Don't miss the opportunity and use it! This Friday, go to Rainiš iela 1 and buy a long-desired product at a pleasant discount. 🙂
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