Mikhail lives Wings of hope The "Spare" group house of the association "Cerību kūri" is located in the Cēsi district. Mihails communicates non-verbally, expressing his emotions, wishes and needs with sounds and gestures. According to his abilities, Mikhail participates in all group homework. Also, he likes to engage in youth leisure conversations, he listens and responds with a large dose of laughter, which often contributes to additional heartfelt fun. Mikhail is open and direct, if he doesn't like any of the activities, he doesn't participate, or if he doesn't like something, he doesn't eat. Mihails, together...
  • ANNA

    Anna lives in the "Spāre" group house of the association "Wings of Hope", it is located in the Cēsi district. Anna has a very sweet and contagious laugh, if Anna laughs, then it is a sign that all the young people and employees of the house will soon laugh. Anna joined the youth group of the group home "Spare" at the beginning of this year. Anna loves to draw and is good at it, unfortunately, due to various health problems, drawing and other crafts cause physical pain. Anna has learned the technique of making candles in...

    Inta lives in the "Spāre" group house of the association "Cerību tūri", it is located in the Cēsi district. Inta is very open and direct about her feelings and what she sees around her. She is not afraid to instruct or reprimand, does not try to please someone. Despite Inta's direct openness, she is sensitive and understanding. Inta attends the workshops of the day center "Spāre" every working day. Most of all, she likes working in the knitting workshop. She really likes to knit. Inta knits socks and has learned to knit booties for children. In...
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