Agija met Eva, the leader of the "Wings of Hope" association, about 2 years ago. She introduced Eva to her handicrafts and really wanted to be permanent in her life. It happened and Agia tried to build her own life. She spends her daily life in the social enterprise "Visi Var".

Along with her duties in the company, she has learned many different skills in the association, for which she is very grateful to have had such an opportunity! Agia knits a lot by hand. Has knitted many sweaters, scarves, jackets, hats and headbands. Also learned sewing skills with overlock. Shopping bags and lamp-shaped toys were made from easier works. She is very proud that she was also able to learn carpet weaving and 5 carpets have been made with the support of teacher Renāte. Very recently, she started beading, creating a decor - an angel. 👼 Agija is also happy to participate in the outdoor sales of the "Visi Var" store, because she can tell about every thing that has been done in the association, and also has the opportunity to talk to tourists in English.

At the Wings of Hope Day Center, she happily participates in the dance group. In her free time, Agija attends ✍️literary events, such as "Harmonija" in Cēsis. There he reads his self-composed poetry and listens to the works created by others.
📕Soon she also has to prepare for the competition "Come along", which will be held at the VEF Palace of Culture on September 20, where she will read her poetry.
She also likes to get dirty and would rather receive good words and wishes that help her self-growth than flowers. Likes to help and support other people with disabilities. Agija is happy that she can work in the responsive, positive store team "Visi Var" and be a Sigulda girl! 🙂

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