Alice has been coming to the day center classes at the "Cerību wings" association since she was a child. Her home is "Home of Hope", where she is lovingly cared for by the staff of the home. Alice comes from a large family with several brothers and sisters. Brother Krister is especially sweet. Alice rarely talks to those around her, but when she suddenly says something, she is very precise and surprises everyone with her great idea! She knows how to rebuke others who do not do the work.
In the center of the day, she prefers to break pieces of candles and arrange them in dishes. It is a slow and meditative process. Dancing, exercising, and singing improve her mood a lot. 🎼 The favorite song is "Dievs Tevi mīl", performed by L. Reinik. In the House of Hope, where Alice lives, Latvian Radio 2 is specially put on for her, where she can listen to Latvian music. At the farm, she gladly participates in harvesting - 🥒🍆🍅 cucumbers, zucchini, beans are carefully put in jars for winter supplies. Alice also helps in cleaning the potato sprouts, which was a rather extensive job.

In her freer moments, Alice loves talking on the phone, reading fashion magazines, smelling perfume, and pouting. She will quickly assemble the pieces of the big puzzle into the overall picture. She really likes to be in the center of the day, but at home to rock for a long time in the swing, and also wants to be petted and paid attention to. Being in a good mood, she always smiles and is a friendly girl. 😊

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