Alona A!

Since 2013, Alona has been a member of the support staff association "Wings of Hope". Her work is only related to the field of social services. Even before starting work in "Wings of Hope", worked in this field for 8 years! It can be firmly stated that Alona perfectly manages and understands her work. "There's nothing you can't do in everyday things"!: that's what Alona says!
In the beginning, when the group was being formed, Alona had to learn various trade skills herself. Sewing, weaving, felting, silk painting. Now that she has this experience, it's easy for Alona to help clients learn the skills to create different works. "The simplest basis is the candle workshop workers. Then we observe what else a young person with a disability would be able to do, what are his talents. Quite by chance, we discovered Robert's talent for felting, his color and composition skills. To be there for everyone and see how children grow and change. Not only children, but also adults change a lot! This is the satisfaction of work, when we see the result in a person, because we do the work from the heart! ": says Alona. This is definitely not the easiest job emotionally - to support, physically help and also comfort both children and adults. Someone has sadness, grief, anxiety, ignorance... Mutual jokes are very important - humor, which everyone understands well and it is very necessary. Support must be provided daily!
Alona calls her colleagues her second family. Because the time spent together is priceless. Everyone is very supportive and helpful. Alona also thanks manager Eva, who holds us all together and supports the development of the day center and other social services for the residents of Sigulda region. Alona has had a disability group since birth, but perhaps this is what gave her the most strength and desire to help others, because when her mother wanted to do work for her, she always said: "I'll lift it myself, I'll do it myself, because I can do it myself"! Family is her source of strength and joy. Long walks are the ones that help organize thoughts in free time. In this time of the COVID 19 virus, we would most like to find the strength to support ourselves and our fellow human beings.


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