Alvis has been attending the association "Cerību kūri" since its inception. Colleagues advised him to familiarize himself with the services of the society's day center, which he is now very pleased with. He rides a bicycle to classes, 🚴‍♂️every day, and it is his driving pleasure on the way to the center of Sigulda.

Initially, he observed what work others were doing until he chose what he was better at. He independently created jewelry boxes and pendants in the leather department. He succeeded brilliantly in this. Later he started cutting blank strips for carpets. It requires a lot of attention and concentration. As Alvja's mother is a skilled craftswoman in weaving, he decided to help with the blanks, but not to weave!
Sports broadcasts are watched in the evenings. Loves hockey very much. 🏒If there is no exciting sports broadcast, he listens to 👂Latvijas radio 2. He is very happy about the sports activities that took place in the Sports Complex "Ķeizarmežs", together with the visitors of the day center. I really liked 🎯dart throwing, table hockey, team relays. Alvis is a fan of sports activities, which he showed by participating in a bowling game as well! Also a good helper for mom in the kitchen and gardening. He has helped to put all the gifts of the autumn garden in the cellar. Also helped the society in strawberry picking work. Without hesitation and without haste, participates in singing and dancing lessons. At the annual charity event "Mountain Games", he put on a clown costume, a nose, and performed a theatrical performance.

Alvi has one small dream - to win the Super Bingo lottery! "A try is not a loss": that's what Alvis says! He is always smiling, quiet and helpful. Colleagues appreciate the fact that they can always rely on Alvi: "The man and the name"! 👍 Alvis, may everyone have good thoughts and succeed in their plans❗️

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