Andrejs visits the Day Center of the association "Cerību kūri" and happily participates in the activities of the workshops. At first he made a lot of candles, then worked in the ceramics department.
He likes clay very much, because it is a pleasure to see the result that he has made with his own hands. 🤲

👣In dance lessons, he learned to place his feet correctly, hold his posture, and lead his partner. As the last activity, Andrejs learned soap making. Winter-themed soaps have been made. With snowflakes, fir tree and other designs. Andrej has a good relationship with Kristians, whom Mari mentions in the conversation. Friends are important every day. He is very happy about the sports 🕺activities that took place in the "Heavenly Bowl" recreation complex. The recreation complex had interesting classes and great meals. Day center workers describe him as a gentleman🎩 who is very punctual and independent in his views. He has unacceptable bad manners. Always dress carefully and neatly.

In his spare time, he reads news on the computer and gets inspired by travel impressions. With a smile, he tells his memories from his trip to Stockholm and the island of Saaremaa. Has made new friends on the trip. Andrejs loves animals very much, especially dogs, 🐶but he can no longer take care of them. He wants people who support him to continue to be at the center of the day and for us to smile more and not forget about humor. 🙂

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