At the beginning of the conversation, Andris surprised us with his smile and warm eyes! He gladly agreed to talk and tell about himself. About the time here and now in his life. Andri has started a new life path that changes his life, because until now he has lived in an orphanage and later in a state social care center. However, he is happy to say that he likes the new house - "In the house of Hope". He knows his daily rhythm and duties.
The first half of the day for Andrim is spent in the day center at the "Ceribi wings" association. There is not a person who does not find his place and work in the center of the day, who would give up. Andris worked in candle, ceramics and weaving departments. Currently, they are happy to cut fabric blanks for carpet weavers. It is recognized that the work is responsible, because in the case of errors, the strips of fabric will not be suitable for weaving carpets. In his spare time, Andris likes to take part in dancing lessons. Andris is friendly and quiet with his peers. At the end of the day, he often asks the teacher Renate: "Did I work well today"? Acknowledgment and evaluation, like everyone else, is also important to Andris! He also knows how to make tiled flower pots, which will please all flower lovers! I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to work in the field of carpentry, because I would like to realize the idea of ​​making a bird cage!
In the evenings, Andris helps with house cleaning and listens to music or watches sports on TV with his friends. He is interested in football and hockey, and is also very happy about the approaching spring that can be felt in the air. The man is bound by all agricultural work, so he is looking forward to the first spring in the House of Hope. Then you will be able to sow, plant, weed and enjoy the result of the work done. Especially in autumn, when it's time for preserving and storing vegetables in the cellar. Andra's relaxation time is to spend time with nature and read the Bible in silence. He would never refuse a delicious rosol. His only thought journey is to his childhood home, which he misses very much. When thinking about the most important things in your life, you mention sincerity, responsibility and health.


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