All her life, Anna has always been lovingly called Annina, and it has never been otherwise! Anna is from Baldonie, married in Sigulda for 41 years. Two sons and a daughter have been raised. Anna worked as a saleswoman most of her life. She most vividly remembers the time when she learned to make hats at SPK (Household Services Combine), where such services as sewing, a photographer, a hairdresser, and a knitting service were located in one place. 🎩Of course, also making hats, which was Anna's job, and knitting knitwear. Anna has been one of the seamstresses of the Visi Var store for about 2 years. 🧶✂️📍There are so many sewn up that I can't count them. At the moment, felt bags and knitted caps are being made for autumn - for children and adults. It is a pleasure to work with new, colorful fabrics. The work requires attention, concentration, and the accomplishment gives satisfaction when the client is happy. In her spare time, Anna is a loving grandmother to 6 grandchildren - one grandson who is already 22 years old and five granddaughters. Three granddaughters live in Norway and it is one of her joys to visit them. Traveling together and walking in nature is their shared joy and definitely cooking. 🍰🍩Pancakes and cupcakes are treats for granddaughters, and you can't do without visiting the sea and a cafe! Anna also really likes to participate in the senior dance group "Sidrabdancis" of the Sigulda County Culture Center, which, unfortunately, has not started rehearsing yet. Therefore, he devotes the joy of his activities to his garden. Roses are starting to bloom in the garden for the second time, but she likes the blooming flower meadows 🎋, which can be seen here and there in our beloved Latvia.
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