Anna lives in the "Spāre" group house of the association "Wings of Hope", it is located in the Cēsi district. Anna has a very sweet and contagious laugh, if Anna laughs, then it is a sign that all the young people and employees of the house will soon laugh.
Anna joined the youth group of the group home "Spare" at the beginning of this year. Anna loves to draw and is good at it, unfortunately, due to various health problems, drawing and other crafts cause physical pain.
Anna has learned the technique of making candles in the specialized workshop of the day center "Spāre". In the candle workshop, Anna is able to work fully, according to her abilities. Anna invests love and faith in the preparation of each candle, because she believes in the healing power of the candle flame, - May the flame of each lit candle increase joy and faith in the good! The entire assortment of candles can be viewed in the online store of the social enterprise "Visi Var". or in person at stores in Sigulda, Institūta street 5a or Raina street 1. Information about other sales places where you can buy candles made by the social enterprise "Visi Var" can be viewed here
You can support the employment of people with disabilities and a dignified life by supporting the good works of the association "Cerību kūguri" by shopping both in person and online in the stores of the "Visi Var" social enterprise of the "Wings of Hope" society.
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