Anna V!

Anna lives in the House of Hope. It is a home where he is taken care of every day! When Anna's mother passed away, circumstances changed, and the father needed support in his daughter's life. Despite all the events that have happened in her life, she is very positive, optimistic and happy. Dad visits Anna as often as possible and spoils her with cookies, which she likes very much.
She spends the first act of the day at the day center, where various classes and skill development take place. It is a place to talk with other fellow teachers and be useful. Anna knows how to cut blanks for carpets, and with a little supervision from her teacher, she does it with great care. She also likes decoupage and tries to draw greeting cards. Appreciates the skills of her friends in decorating clay pots, because she does not know how to do it. At the moment, everyone is seriously preparing for the Easter holiday. A tree is being created to decorate the room. Anna's favorite colors are orange, yellow, green and they are all found in her favorite season - summer! She actively participates in singing and dancing classes. Her favorite dance is Tango! Anna is really looking forward to a warm summer so that she can travel around Latvia.
Anna also likes to collect beautiful pictures and cut them into small pieces to put together a puzzle. There are not many things that he would like very much in life, but he named 3 things - he misses his mother, he would like a tablet and a back massage that improves the sense of well-being. Otherwise, Anna always says that: “EVERYTHING IS VERY GOOD”!


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