Dainis has been living in the "House of Hope" for some time now, where he is truly pleased to have this opportunity to change and improve his life. His duties in his new home are to take care of the order of his room. Happy to help in the kitchen while preparing meals. The most active and beautiful time is in the summer, when Dainis goes gardening with other housemates. 🌼It is weeding vegetables and taking care of flowers. Also helps with horse maintenance. In the evenings, Dainis would like to paint drawings, natural scenes, animals. A lot can be thought and talked about owls, which brings him joy. ✍️Color mandalas too. The saddest time for Dain was when his parents died. When it was possible and there were no restrictions, he was happy to visit his brother's family in the "House of Hope". Dainis visits the day center every day. He spends most of his time cutting blanks for carpet weavers. Make balls and arrange them in the basket. He has also worked in the ceramics department making fish and roses from clay. Tried making felt hats and breaking pieces of paraffin in the candle workshop. Dainis performs his tasks slowly and carefully. He really likes to please others, so he created a greeting card which he sent to the President. An answer also followed, which was proudly rejoiced and found. He is certainly not indifferent to new music hits, 🎧 but one of his favorite songs is "Vālodzite". Good luck to everyone, and may health not let anyone down!

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