David came to us in the Wings of Hope association about 10 months ago. The recommendation to him was from the State Employment Agency. This is the place where he can improve and develop himself according to his abilities and skills, as well as definitely spend the day in a meaningful way! David appreciates it very much and is happy about this opportunity.
On the first day, he was shown the premises of the day center and what activities take place there. Introduced to other visitors and staff. Dávid's "eyes lit up" once he saw the processes of the ceramic workshop, so he didn't want to do anything else. I really like the structure of the clay in my hands and the feeling of creating works. Especially when making clay on a lathe or grinding the shape of bowls. He has to learn a lot until he manages to achieve the desired result, because if he grinds the edge of the bowl too much, the clay breaks and everything has to be fixed again with the "sticking method"!🧐 He tends to get angry if he hasn't paid enough attention to the process of ironing the bowl and the work cracks. At first, they made small clay figures - angels, magnets. The boy draws stencils to make clay blocks that can be used for turning products in the kitchen. Dávids jokes:" that handicrafts have never succeeded, so "dirty works" are closer to the heart." ☺️
In his free time, his relaxation is cycling and sports games with his 3 brothers - volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. His family loves various activities. David loves warmth, so he prefers to run in the winter, which creates positive feelings. He also helps his mother in gardening and harvesting. Still reading esoteric literature recommended by one of the brothers. The last book that he recommends others to read is "Secrets of the Subconscious" by V. Sinelnikova. David likes to celebrate holidays quietly, not like before, because in his opinion, they can be every day, because you have woken up and can breathe!

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