It's been about 10 years since Druvi got a disability group. It took some time when a diagnosis was made after a tick bite to be assigned a disability group. Druvis has accepted the fact of what happened and would like those around him to accept it as well. He has been in the "Wings of Hope" association for a long time, about 8 years. He travels with Sigulda's public transport every day and also has an assistant who helps when needed.
He comes to the day center because he is happy that there are many employment opportunities! Druvis has poured candles, made soap, but everything is more connected to the weaving process. At first, he tried to weave on the "small loom" to learn the skills, but after a month and a half, teacher Renate encouraged him to start working seriously and safely on the big loom. Around 10 carpets have been made, 🤩in colors that Druvis chooses, but Renate adjusts so that there are harmonious and tasteful tones. The weaver's favorite colors are blue and green. It is very important how the lumps of fabric are prepared and whether the material will be arranged correctly in the carpet. In advance, he sets aside the necessary tones that will be used in the work. There are so many nuances that Druvis has mastered in this craft.
In her spare time, she happily participates in day center excursions and has been to the Nature Museum 🍄 (mushroom exhibition), the zoo in Riga, the Minnhausen Museum, and is looking forward to the day when she will soon go to Tērvete nature trails. At the day center, Druvis also attends remedial exercise, which is essential for improving his health. Regarding further trips, Druvis remembers the flight to London, where he saw the sun above the clouds for the first time. Druvis also tries to go for longer walks in nature 🌲🌿 and listens to music of various genres. When he thinks about the holidays, he is most excited to see his family 👨‍👩‍👧 and Christmas! Everyone still try to be open, friendly and don't forget about humor!🙃

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