Eva is the mother of a girl with mental disorders who will turn 28 this month.
17 years ago, Eva founded the association "Wings of Hope" together with her friends. It was a time when families with children with disabilities very often faced situations when their children, together with other children, did not fit in kindergartens and schools in their place of residence, did not receive support, advice and information on what to do.

Eva's daughter Signe was very welcome in the family, but only a moment and a moment during the birth changed the family's everyday life, dreams and brought her into a different reality. There have been crises when the child should go to kindergarten, to school, but you (the family) are alone with your special child and there is no one to give you advice on what to do, because your child does not fit into the ideal society.
People and their ability to face difficulties are very different, someone breaks when they cannot withstand this emotional load, but for Eva, the situations she faced in life gave her the strength and stubbornness to act, because she realized that she and her family are not the only ones in this situation. Step by step, meeting other families and starting to organize gatherings and mutual support, the purposeful work of the association began. The parents were very lucky that there were also people in the municipality of Sigulda district who understood the needs of these families and together they started working on the development of various services and provision of educational opportunities in the district, so that the children could be with their families on a daily basis. All this is so necessary and important!!!

No one will ever understand how parents feel, no one will even guess how many tears have been cried and how many questions have been asked - why? No one can answer that. It is important to understand that anyone can get on this playing field and that is why it is very important if there is a support system, when when such a child, young person or adult enters the family there is a place, there are services where you can get support and help.
But in addition to her daily hard work in the association, Eva also has a hobby, which is needlework. In the past, Eva used to knit a lot, she doesn't have time for that anymore, but for one activity, even a little, but the time can be found. Eva likes to crochet rag rugs, which she crochets and donates to charity in the shop of the social enterprise "Visi Var".

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