For about 4 years, Ilze proudly calls herself a Siguldieta! Her husband and a series of life events brought her to this city, for which she is very grateful! Life changed radically when I started life and accepted Sigulda as my city. She still discovers something new and unseen in the city every day. Ilze moved around in a wheelchair for about half a year, but with great willpower and faith, she can happily say, "What a great happiness it is to walk now, to feel my hands and feet. And how many do not appreciate that opportunity"! Sigulda's Catholic parish was and still is the greatest spiritual support, joy and fulfillment in Ilze's life after coming to Sigulda. It has helped overcome pain, difficulty, reluctance and simply laziness to start walking again! In the church, Ilze performs Caritas service, church cleaning and other services. She met Eva, the leader of the "Cerību wings" society, at events organized by the church and in the congregation. There, Eva approached Ilzi for cooperation! For a long time, due to health reasons, there was no paid work, so Ilze was very happy about the new opportunity. She sees an opportunity to help others with her work, because what is gained by giving is never taken away!🙂 Ilze spends part of her time at the new sales point of the Social Enterprise "Visi Var", in Station Square. There is an opportunity to talk to buyers and tell about the works created by "Visi Var" and the association "Wings of Hope", which can be purchased. Ilze is also happy about the opportunity to learn new skills in machining. No matter how surprising it was, the feeling of happiness came to Ilze and gradually strengthened while in a wheelchair. Until then, life seemed empty and unfulfilled. The inability to walk independently does not stop life, but on the contrary, new friends, supporters and other mental potential are acquired that were not there before. Ilze, looking back at the events in the past, says that: "it was necessary, like steel hardened"! Every day, Ilze tries to exercise a lot and goes for longer walks, 🚶‍♀️because it is a prerequisite for feeling good, even when you don't want to do anything, you have to do it, because only movement is life! Her heart's work was to work in a hospital, as a nursing assistant, or another job related to this field.
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