Ilze K.!

Ilze's life path is not one straight line. It has both ups and downs. There is more desire to talk about what has been positive, but it is also important to say what has been hard in order to get up and move on. The woman's birthplace is Iecava, where she spent many years of her life. But her home has been in Sigulda for several years.
When the disability group was obtained, specialists advised Ilze to try her strength and courage to get involved in the activities of the Sigulda Day Center. You have to walk and move to have joy in life!
"I remember the first day when Eva showed the rooms and workshops, where everyone diligently, like "bees", devoted themselves to their work. The first job I started was knitting socks for my grandson. But it remained unfinished, because I started cutting the raw materials for the carpet and without noticing it was already entrusted to weave a carpet that someone else had not finished. While weaving the rug, I remembered sitting on my Ome's lap as a child as she wove. I remembered the smell of yarn wafting everywhere. Counting what has been done, I can say that around 17 carpets have been made during the year. I was pleased that I could give my father Jānis a carpet I had made on his name day. When the loom is busy, I like to break the mass of candles, which is my relaxation time", says Ilze, about her activities in the association "Cerību wings".
Ilze studied classical philology at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Latvia, so esoteric literature is a topic close to her. Study time has been valuable and memorable, because I met my future husband at one of the student parties. Later, a son, Rudolph, was born. She is also a grandmother to a grandson. "I vividly remember the days of my childhood, when all my cousins ​​and cousins ​​spent the summer cleaning the hay at my grandfather's house in Mežotne parish. It smelled like hay, all summer. The saddest thing that has happened in my life, but what I want to talk about is the last five years, previously spent in a nursing home. The rhythm of life was synchronous - fed, medicine, walk, fed, medicine... Maybe a creative lesson once or twice a week. I felt the most unhappy person in the world in this environment. Looking at life now, I can say that I am very happy for the people I am with at the center of the day, for what we all do, and are involved in the process of creative work. There has never been a sadder place in my life than a nursing home. I have a husband who supports and motivates me and we can play board games together", says Ilze. "I have also forgiven those people who have hurt me", admits Ilze.
Ilze describes herself most accurately with a quote from K. Žaume's book "I confess": "All life is the sum of the silence of loneliness".


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