Imanta's birthday will be on March 3. It will be his first Birthday, which will be celebrated in the "House of Hope". The celebrants of the month have a festive season and congratulations, and he looks forward to it with joy. As well as meeting with mom, which is currently limited. He likes to talk about his younger brother, whom he has not seen for a long time, and how the two went fishing and mushroom hunting together. In the "House of Hope" Imants feels very well, compared to the nursing home, where he had contact with many fellow human beings, as a result of which he lacked his own "living space". From time to time, he expresses a hopeful question - Will he be able to stay longer in the "House of Hope" as planned. Like everyone else, a sense of security is important for Imanta today and tomorrow!
In order for everyone to feel useful and develop social and domestic skills, everyone has their own responsibilities in the "House of Hope". Today is Imanta's day when he is on duty in the kitchen. So, help prepare a meal, clear the table, dishes and clean the floor. It is also a joy in the summer, when everyone goes to nature, because the "House of Hope" has beautiful greenhouses that need to be taken care of.  Everyone can work in it. Water tomatoes, weed, sow. Imants likes to prepare the land for spring sowing by plowing. Peppers, pumpkins, courgettes, beans, herbs will be sown. Then in the fall winter stocks are prepared together.
Every working day, Imants is in the center of the day and his first memories are of working in the weaving workshop. However, he did not succeed in cutting fabric blanks for carpets. Skills in the candle workshop were also tested, but still, working with clay works best in the ceramics department. Many clay bowls have been made - of different designs and sizes, and these skills are no longer foreign. Last Christmas, I made a candlestick and a cone decoration to make my mom happy. Colleagues describe Imant as a quiet and diligent person with a good heart.
In the evenings, after dinner, everyone can indulge in their own interests. For Imanta, it's board games, with his friend Mari or continuing to read the book "Born for Freedom" by Joya Adamson. The book is very engaging with good descriptions of lion habits and African nature. Animals bring joy to Imant. I also tend to read the Bible. Once a week, Imants and the other housemates listen to spiritual words expressed by Mārtiņš, who is studying theology. There are also dreams - to go to Santiago, where relatives live. But most of all he wants to organize his inner world. Everyone wishes to be with their family.


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