Inese has been attending the association "Wings of Hope" since 2003, when her life changed rapidly when she got a disability group. Since Inese was educated at the Murjani Sports School, Inese led the disabled sports group in the association. Sport is Ines' whole life and she could talk and talk about it! It is her greatest passion and joy. Her father was also involved in sports. πŸ†πŸ₯‡ Inese has around 500 diplomas, 30 cups and 300 medals at home. There are awards in various sports - shot put, discus throw, running, darts. πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦½
With the support of "Apeirons" association of the disabled and their friends, Inese has completed the courses to obtain the qualification of a caregiver. Helping others is Inese's joy and she does that every day at the Wings of Hope. Inese helps the children and does other household chores. She has also learned candle casting, felting, soap making, but she likes the process of silk painting ✍️ and beading the most from handicrafts. We are happy to show you the new silk scarves and shades.
At the day center, Inese also participates in dancing and singing lessons. Would love to learn new songs and dance steps. Most of all, Inese would like to lead sports lessons and help prepare for competitions, which are specifically for people with disabilities. There have been several organized games, but now there is a pause in this field.
In her spare time, which is not related to the day center or sports, Inese does crossword puzzles and pampers her dog Mailo. Sometimes also visits the swimming pool. In the future, Inese would like to learn woodworking, glass painting and attend horse therapy. She admits that it is difficult to talk about herself! 😊

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