Inta lives in the "Spāre" group house of the association "Cerību tūri", it is located in the Cēsi district. Inta is very open and direct about her feelings and what she sees around her. She is not afraid to instruct or reprimand, does not try to please someone. Despite Inta's direct openness, she is sensitive and understanding.
Inta attends the workshops of the day center "Spāre" every working day. Most of all, she likes working in the knitting workshop. She really likes to knit. Inta knits socks and has learned to knit booties for children.
In the middle of March, when we enjoyed the warmer spring weather, Inta, together with the other young people in the "Spāre" group home, diligently started work on setting up the greenhouse. Inta likes gardening. Radishes, spinach, parsley and sorrel have already been sown in the greenhouse, now we need to water them and wait for them to sprout! Inta also likes to get involved in other neighborhood cleaning works.
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