We never know what will happen tomorrow, but we can count on this moment and take the best from life that it gives us! That sad story came to Irina's family suddenly, neither called nor expected. When daughter Kate's health deteriorated rapidly around the age of 3. It was a very difficult period, which is only now gradually, slowly improving in Kate's life.
"Like most mothers, I looked for information on what to do in this situation, how to deal with it, on the Internet. There was no constructive advice and no real solutions. How to help a child, how to be able to understand, accept what is happening, how to help yourself and your family with organizational and financial matters! You can't go to work because you have to be with your daughter 24/7. Looking back, it has been a difficult time, but we have moved step by step all together - forward!" , Irina remembers.
At first, Kate attended the "Kastanītis" pre-school educational institution. Then I found out about the association "Cerību būrii", which provides day center services for children with special needs. So, step by step, we started attending classes together. It was so well understood that we are inseparable everywhere, that we had to learn to "let go" of the child and trust the staff. But everything worked out! Kate learned a lot at the day center and is gradually trying to be more confident and communicative. She is a very inquisitive and passionate girl, she especially likes to be with other children. We have attended various classes, such as: speech therapist, physiotherapist, art, sand therapy, etc. services. Thank you to the association "Wings of Hope" for the created service and real support for me and every family with a child with special needs. ", says Irina.
In one of the parents' meetings, the manager informed that the support of volunteers who would be responsible for the charity item was needed. I am happy to apply! Kate, in parallel with visiting the day center, also started studying at Mores primary school. Later, the manager Eva offered me a position as a salesperson. I can still be amazed at how many different, interesting works are created in the "Visi Var" store. In fact, everyone can, if they want to! ", this is how Irina shares her memories with us.
"Free time is much more valuable when you have a job. A different feeling and joy when you return home. The joy when Kate starts to tell about her day, caresses the dog or feeds the parrot, and there is joy in the child's eyes. Kate loves water. When it was possible, we went to the swimming pool. Now, let's enjoy the pleasures of water in lakes or the sea. Kate also has two sisters and a brother, we are a big family where there is never a dull moment! Christmas time is special for everyone together - a time of miracles, gifts, peace, joy. 😊 I am also a mother to 3 grandchildren", reveals Irina.
In fact, it is not so simple and easy to tell about yourself, but THANKS to Irina for trusting me! Let everyone take a little bit of strength and commitment from what they read in their life path!


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