Ivars comes to the association with pleasure, for about 3 years now. He very much appreciates that he is in the Wings of Hope association and can spend his time to the fullest and meet friends! The daily rhythm in the society is very important to him.
At the day center, Ivars regularly participates in singing, dancing, and gymnastics classes. But the greatest work love is for knitting. Ivars has learned to knit and sew together by himself, it took about two years of training, but he is proud that he can do everything himself. With the knitting machine, he has knitted sweaters, socks, scarves in national patterns. Ivar has good mathematical thinking and calculates everything on paper📋🖊 before starting work. The notes are very extensive and are not easy to understand from the outside. If something fails, tear everything apart and start again!
In his free time, Ivars loves 📸 to photograph nature - cliffs, meadows, and a special place is near Matiņu lake, where he visits his sister. The sister is very supportive and takes care of the brother in everything. Ivars spends everyday with his mother, and when his mother watches programs on TV in the evenings, Ivars flips through encyclopedias or writes his notes on the computer. He has created a large description with a scheme of train tracks that would cover all of Latvia. The theme of the train is very disturbing to Ivar. He really loves it when someone jokes because it improves the mood. Together with his mother, he goes shopping for daily needs. Knows all the streets and their names perfectly in Sigulda.
Ivars is smiling, quiet and positive every day!

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