Jānis has been visiting the "Wings of Hope" association regularly for 2 years. After getting acquainted with the society's services, he first broke pieces of candles, but he really wanted to do drawing and proved it with his works. Jānis has completed preparatory courses at the Latvian Academy of Arts. This was the basis for the development of his talent. His mother has also drawn various works. At the age of 3, Jānis painted the picture "Fire in the windows", which was "very saturated with precise, bright colors." Has drawn works using ink. It is impossible to fix them, as the work has been done, it remains so. He mostly draws with shapes now, because his hand doesn't listen to making straight lines. It is essential for Jānis to feel inner comfort when the work is done. There tends to be a lot of contradictions in creating works and they are discarded because they do not match his desired result. It is more difficult for him to draw a flower with flowing lines. In the ceramics department of the Day Center, Jānis has also created dishes and candlesticks. However, mostly, he draws stencils of designs which are painted on silk scarves. Quite a lot of drawings have been prepared and some of them can be seen in the photos.

✍️During his school years, Jānis didn't really like to be at the study bench, but more to learn about himself and the world around him. He likes to read esoteric books📓, calculate numbers in his head🧮, but he cannot be proud of his handwriting. In his youth, he drew football, hockey and nature posters. In his youth, he played guitar in a music band.
Most of all, he would like to regain his health and play basketball💁, go for long walks, which is difficult now. As an artist, he sees colors precisely in winter, when the snow has many shining shades and reflections. He is grateful for the opportunity given to him to come to the day center and wishes everyone to be able to give love without expecting anything in return!

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