Jānis has been attending the association "Wings of Hope" for about 2 years. There is social support, various joint events, such as excursions, cinema visits, exhibitions and social events in the premises of the Wings of Hope. He drives every day from Bille to Sigulda, almost 25 km, and is happy that he can be with others and participate in various employment activities in the association, to prepare useful household items in the workshops. Deals with leather processing, mugs, fabric printing, etc. works.
But, Jānis has focused on the decoration of pots in the tile mosaic technique. This will be the first pot made by Jānis! The process is as follows. A pot is chosen, on which the broken pieces of tiles are glued. Forms pattern and colors. When everything is glued, sew the pot and paint the border at the end. And the pot is ready! The process is exciting and Jānis has come up with new ideas for pot decoration with other natural materials. We are waiting for the new creative works that we will definitely publish for you!
With this year in April, Jānis has started working at the subsidized workplace supported by the NVA as an interest group educator. He enjoys being useful, helping and teaching others the skills of the trade.

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