John N!

Jānis is a young man who happily goes to the day center every day. He rides a bike 🚴‍♂️ and it makes him happy to be active. Remembering the first days at the day center, Jānis says that he was very worried and it was difficult to talk. Now he has settled in and confidently expresses his opinion. Being in this service, he has become more open, communicative and feels useful to society. Jānis likes to talk about himself in slow sentences and is open to conversation.
Initially, he worked in a candle workshop making candles, and then he made bottles, candlesticks, figures in ceramics. He likes to grind the bowls into a smooth shape. Since Christmas is coming soon, prepare the cone decorations 🎄by cleaning them carefully. Then Jānis arranges them in Advent wreaths. Wreaths will arrive in our stores to make your home happy! 🙂The support staff of the day care center describe him as a diligent, caring young man. He doesn't like it when fellow humans are loud and uncultured. You will try to close the door behind you so that there is no draft. He also knows how to reprimand when there is nothing acceptable.
In the center of the day, Jānis likes to participate in gymnastics classes and his reliable friend is Kristaps. He usually accompanies Kristaps to the train 🚆and then only he goes home, where his mother is waiting for him. Jānis has a sister who lives in Great Britain. He is really looking forward to Christmas time, when his sister will probably come and everyone will be together during the holidays. 🎄🥐 At home, they bake pies, make roseola, decorate the Christmas tree and Jānis is good at making potato pancakes. He says with a laugh and a smile that: "The cat "Mazulis" will have to be watched so that it does not topple the Christmas tree"!
In the evenings, he likes to watch extreme movies and his favorite book is about "Doctor Doolittle". He also understands English, but does not speak it. This is very useful for him when traveling, which is forbidden. Our wish is that everyone has a friend, the joy of work and their own inspiration every day!


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