Juris has been in a wheelchair for 11 years, after an injury. He has accepted that this has happened in his life and takes everything calmly and with a smile. Uphill is harder to drive, but everything else is accepted. He is in a happy mood to be able to tell about himself. Has received secondary education and acquired accounting skills, so he gladly discusses trigonometric functions with a smile!:)

Wings of Hope has been visiting for about a year. Travel by public bus. At the center of the day, he spends most of his time decorating flower pots with a tile pattern. To make the pots bright, beautiful and pleasing to yourself and others, try to find colorful and interesting tiles. He has appealed to the shopkeepers to return the broken tiles and unsold remnants in order to create new interesting works. The response has been mixed. Therefore, it is suggested to be more responsive and not be afraid to return the torn tiles to create new works. Pots are also made at home. Juris has already prepared Advent wreaths, which are made from collected cones. He has also done decoupage work, but he likes to "pull someone on the tooth" more than anything! :) Juris is also good at cutting fabric, where he creates blanks for carpet weavers. He likes to visit markets where he can sell his creations.
In his free time, Juris goes to the Sigulda swimming pool to get in shape and prepare to resume training for the Latvian para hockey team. Parahockey is aimed at people who move around in a wheelchair on a daily basis and are at the beginning of their development. He also likes to read books - crime novels. He has been in the community of blessings of the Mountain established by priest Andrejs Mediņas, where a rehabilitation for addicts was established in the Brukna manor. He helped build a church there. With the support of the priest, he went on a pilgrimage to Aglona twice. It has been a great trip for him to disconnect from secular life, but also to critically evaluate people. He is happy to discuss the nature and mission of the pilgrimage.
Juris respects his sister as a great cook who supports him on a daily basis. Don't miss fresh salmon rolls for breakfast. If you lack artistic ideas in everyday life, look to nature, where you can find inspiration for new color combinations, new works in pot decoration!

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