Juris lives in the group house "Spāre" created by the association "Cerību tūri", it is located in the Cēsi district. Juris is smiling, sensitive, also demanding and insistent. His biggest dream is to become a great event host who dances beautifully to Raymond Paul songs. He still needs to learn the right dance steps, but already his favorite songs are those performed by Normunds Rutulis. He really likes to please others, and he does it best with a song, dance or poem.
On working days, Juris visits the leather and craft workshops of the day center "Spāre". Flower pots made in his tile technique https://visivar.lv/collections/keramikas-izstradajumi it is possible to buy in the stores of the social enterprise "Visi Var". His heart is working with leather, because he is very good at it, he would like to learn how to knit. When he has the chance, he likes to go by bus to visit his friends and walk around one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia - Cēsis.
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