Kristaps is a punctual and regular visitor to the day center! As he himself says: "I come as if to work, you can't be late, but it's hard to wake up in the morning". That's why Kristaps follows the daily schedule and goes to bed early in the evening. He lives in a caring family with his mother, father and two sisters. We start a conversation with Kristaps when he has a hearing aid in his ears. He doesn't like high volume because it gives him a headache. He is used to health and smiles a lot and likes to talk about himself.
He has settled in perfectly at the day center and is in a friendly mood with everyone. Colleagues and teachers describe him as friendly, tidy, who will put his place in order. Kristaps also knows how to clean the room after work and instruct others if they don't know how. Initially, he tried to do the work in a weaving workshop, but the result did not turn out as expected. There was no satisfaction in the candle workshop either. But Kristaps was the best at the works of the ceramics department. He created many bowls and beautiful plates, the surface of which is decorated with pieces of tiles. After about a week, when the plate has been in the ceramic kiln, dried, varnished and again in the "bakery", it is ready! Plates can be seen in the attached photos, on which snacks can be placed. Currently, Kristaps is learning how to sew clay pots, he is very careful, as if he were "at work".  Since Valentine's Day is approaching, a Valentine's Day post has been created in the center of the day, where everyone can drop in their prepared letter or drawing. Kristaps is also thinking about writing a letter because he likes girls! But only those who have long feminine hair and a fashionable style of dressing. Kristaps likes bracelets and his dad gave him one. Together with his dad, he participates in hot air balloon festivals, where he helps hold the balloon rope. If possible, he would also like to fly in a hot air balloon, but he has never flown in an airplane because he is afraid.
He is a great swimmer in his spare time, so that is not possible at the moment. At school, he won 3rd place in a swimming competition. Has learned to master the Korean martial art of Taekwondo. Kristaps really likes macaroni and cheese, but will definitely refuse fish and mushrooms. He likes his mother's food very much. He has been to Stockholm with his family, where he visited the zoo. Really liked the llamas there. But when the long winter evenings come, the whole family is at home and likes to play board games. "Solo" or the card game "Suitcases". The loser goes to clean the snow in the yard, which Kristaps is not sad at all!  Kristaps is connected to all masculine activities, except for fishing and picking mushrooms.


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