Kristiana has been attending the services of the association "Cerību kūgiri" for several years and also uses the services of "Cerību majes". Christiana is provided with support in developing skills and abilities, care, as well as integration into the social environment. Help her learn household skills and abilities, as well as do housework and clean up the yard. Right now, raking and bagging leaves is relevant. You should also be able to clean your room according to your abilities. Here, her conversation partner is Rudolph.

Kristiana has been attending the association's day center since she was 14 years old. Here she is actively involved in various lesson processes! Break the pieces of candles and put them in containers and now they are white candles. She likes to cut soap mass into pieces, from which she will make soaps of different compositions and aromas. In order not to have a monotonous occupation, she also weaves balls of cloth used by weavers for carpets. When changing occupations, it takes time to be able to focus on the next job. It is very important for Christiana to feel safe and to have a stable daily schedule in which she feels confident about upcoming events.
In the creative lesson, Christiana sings and dances with her friends. Her biggest support is Vladislavs, with whom she goes on longer journeys with the day center. Recently I was in the "Tervete Nature Park"🌲☘️. She really liked this walk. Christian is very passionate about animal therapy. In the evenings, she watches TV programs and knows the names and surnames of athletes perfectly. At the center of the day, she knows everyone's name and will remember it for a long time. Always welcome and say goodbye. ✋She doesn't talk much, but she talks about what she likes. She often draws birds 🦅and reads magazines or travel brochures. Learns everything slowly and carefully. She will be happy if others like her creations. ❣️

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