"One day, my father asked me to take him to the day center of Sigulda, to the association "Wings of Hope". The father has been visually impaired since birth and has acquired a disability group during his life due to the loss of partial vision. Despite the difficulties he has to live with on a daily basis, he navigates perfectly in the environment he knows, and I provide support whenever needed. While waiting for my father at the day center, conversations with the center's employees gradually arose. As I was leaving, I joked, "I would love to work for you." About 2 months passed and Eva called me! I was surprised and happy at the same time", says Christiana about her path to social enterprise.
Kristiana's duties are to be a knowledgeable and competent seller both in the store and in the kiosk. "I've been from Sigulda since I was born, but I didn't know until now that so many beautiful handicrafts are made in the center of the day! Candles, earthenware, needlework of seamstresses and all this here - produced in Sigulda! I admire the people of the day center who devote so much work, patience, and determination to the creation of these nice works", says Christiana.
"I remember the first day especially, even though I am not new to work in marketing and have experience in this field. At the end of the day, I received a surprise prize from the manager - soap. I can say for sure that I am a sweet and emotional person and I was very moved by it. I have always wanted to do work that provides moral and emotional satisfaction. There are especially moments when the buyer comes with a gloomy expression, but after the conversation and purchase, leaves with a smile! Then I feel satisfied with my work. It is important to tell buyers how and where handicrafts are made! Colleagues are also responsive and help to acquire knowledge in the work process, "says Kristijana.
"I really appreciate my friends and the pleasure of meeting, because we live in our own cities. Especially during this pandemic. Friends are like a second family. But my biggest support is my husband, because I know that I can always count on him," says Christiana!
Christiana says that: "I want to make customers smile and see faces, smiles that express so much in communication. But the masks cover our facial expressions, which are still unusual. I invite people to be more understanding towards fellow human beings and strangers, because we are all unique, without judgment, looking at a much wider perspective."


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