Liga has prepared in advance for the conversation and she definitely has something to say! This is evidenced by her confidence, optimism and clear expression of her position!
"I have been disabled since birth, but I have never felt that this fact has particularly affected my life, because what is important is my attitude towards myself, not how tolerant or merciful others are towards you... We can only change ourselves!", says League.
A third of Līga's life has passed in the association "Wings of Hope". At first, the work was in the field of accounting and record keeping, but my eyes no longer allow me to do this work. At the moment, Līga performs the duties of a salesperson, which she succeeds perfectly. She knows about every thing that is in the kiosk and can tell shoppers about the produce and social entrepreneurship. "I have noticed that people really want to talk to strangers and communication is very important to me!", says Līga. "When the time came for the children to go to preschool, I made the decision to submit documents for the disability group. Then I encountered many, in my opinion, unnecessary questions, such as: "why do you have one leg and one arm of different length? ", "why do you need it?" God has taken my health, but given me a lot of strength of soul and a great character, to be able to organize my own spiritual world!", says Līga.
"I was born in Sigulda and I also met my husband here - at the Sigulda ruins ball. I would like Sigulda Castle Ruins to gather more young people and have more free events there. I am a mother of two children and two grandchildren. A younger grandchild is about to graduate from "kindergarten". Together with our grandchildren, we play and learn to read. My grandchildren call me Mrs. not Grandma. The most awaited and warmest holidays in my family are Christmas and Ligo's Eve", says Līga.
“There is no such word as 'difficult'. It is difficult when you have to ask yourself to be fed and taken care of. If I had uttered this word, I would not have gotten up to go, neither the first time, nor the second time, nor the third time! Eighteen years ago, I passed the exam for a category B driver's license. It has been one of life's tests - in endurance, patience and finances. I was lucky to have a patient and competent instructor who trained me in driving skills. The car is my legs, hands - everything! I just want to live, but not to fight and prove that I AM too!", Līga expresses his opinion!


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