In the "Wings of Hope" association, Madara is one of the creative personalities. After completing his studies at Riga Technical University, learning the material technology and design program, it was natural to continue working in this industry, because Madara's work is also a hobby!
“It's not often that we're where we like to be the most. Eva approached me to give lessons to young people - at the center of the society day, and I am happy that I can pass on my skills to young people and also learn new knowledge from my colleagues", says Madara. "In the beginning, I made models for cups. Cups with your own special design can be ordered from us. For someone it is a favorite cat or dog, for another a family photo that they choose for their special mug. At the moment we have cups for mothers, grandmothers. Then we make leather earrings and the boys are also diligently involved in the process. The guys are the ones who work most in the ceramics department with the production of clay products and finish the pots in the tile mosaic technique. Girls prefer beading classes. Together we create the design of our products, which pleases both us and you. I also give lessons in painting silk scarves. Jānis is good at drawing, which we use in creating scarf designs, as well as in making greeting cards. Each young person is chosen for the job they are best at and like," says Madara.
"We start the day positively in the morning, talking about what's new in everyone's life. Jokes are also very important in our workshop. We try to encourage and support each other by reminding ourselves of the things we are grateful for and focusing on the positive. Watching young people in the process of work is a great joy to see growth. We have to be creative not only in the works we create, but also in our relationships. Unequivocally, I have the most understanding, supportive colleagues on whom I can rely at work", says Madara.
Madara uses his free time for creative activities by participating in various courses or master classes. "I acquired the last knowledge in the basics of floristry. This knowledge was very useful to me during Advent, when wreaths and other holiday decorations were made for Christmas. Together with the youth and adults of the day center, we are creatively looking for new innovations and performance, so that the works please not only us, but also you! I like to go for long walks in nature with my family and I look forward to the opportunity to visit theater performances and other cultural events again", says Madara.


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