Martin visits the day center. It is his creative time, when he likes to learn everything new that the center staff has to offer. He has done many different jobs. When he got acquainted with the center's activities, he initially worked in the candle department, arranging wax colors in candle containers. His favorite colors are bright - red and green. Now he devotes a lot of time to the works of the ceramics department. Made a clay bottle, which was presented to parents on their wedding anniversary. It has been possible to make a fir tree out of clay mass. Colleagues describe Mārtiņas as a diligent, hardworking, talkative guy. He smiles a lot and radiates joie de vivre. Today he works on the decoration of clay pots. Top pots for spring, with flowers. Pieces of tiles are precisely glued to the required height.
In his free time, during the summer season, he rode a bicycle because he has obtained a bicycle driver's license. Also visit the swimming pool when possible. Friends say: "That he swims fast, like a motorboat". There is a lot of activity that is currently missing, but the conditions that are currently in Latvia and in the world must be accepted. Mārtiņš also misses friends with whom he used to be together. However, it is time to spend more time with the family! There is a strong helper helping dad lift boxes, while mom helps bake pancakes. Definitely loves sweets and especially honey.  He played football with his friends and took the position of defender. He happily tells how he traveled to Italy before, where he was a participant in a puppet theater. Also visited a cousin in Ireland.
The guy does not like boredom and is looking for new hobbies in those moments. One of them is learning letters on a tablet, because they want to learn reading skills again. Most of all, he wants everyone to be healthy and free of viruses. Therefore, from time to time, I drink tea with ginger, lemon, honey, which I really craved and recommend to others!


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