Mārtiņš lives in the group house "Spāre" in Cēsi district. Mārtiņš is one of the young people with very different interests. One of them is music. He practices the beatbox music form. He listens to the works of other performers and likes to compose his own song rhythms. He would be happy to attend a beatbox music festival in Latvia.
Martin likes basketball. He plays it best in the summer. Summer is one of his favorite times of the year, when there is an opportunity to swim, it is best to do it in well-known places, for Mārtiņš it is Lake Niniera. Martiņš also likes to cook, he likes to experiment with food. Martin feels satisfied when he knows what ingredients to add to improve the taste of the food.
He is also no stranger to summer work, Mārtiņš is a good helper in gardening.
Mārtiņš works in the workshops organized by the day center "Spāre". Mārtiņš likes to work in the pottery workshop the most, where the most beautiful flower pots are made. Every pot made by Mārtiņš is made with great dedication and love. You can also view and buy the flower pots made by Mārtiņš in the online store of the social enterprise "Visi Var". or in person in Sigulda, in stores at Raina Street 1 and Institūta Street 5/a.
To every buyer, Mārtiņš wishes - May the purchased products increase the joy of love in everyday life! Also, it is very important for Mārtiņš to convey his calling, to restore peace in the world and for everyone to be safe in their homes!
By shopping in the stores of the social enterprise "Visi Var", you support people with disabilities and their families, you support the activities implemented by the association "Cerību kūgiri" to promote the employment and dignified life of people with disabilities.
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