Matīss has been a member of the "Cerību kūri" association since the beginning, since 2005. At that time, he worked as an IT specialist. Then there was a phase when contact with the association was less frequent, but now for several years Matiss has been coming regularly.

Matīss says thanks to the municipality of Sigulda region, for the opportunity to be more independent and mobile in his life, because he was forced to live confined at home for 9 years. It was a difficult period in his life. Now, for some time now, he lives in Sigulda and himself goes to the association's house on Rīgas street.
As he is no stranger to the IT field, he works in cup printing. Opening Adobe Illustrator CC, he formats the pictures to create the mug print. A mug with a cat and coffee cups with a positive wish added has been created. Has created works in ceramics and created leather earrings. He likes to try everything! Matis has comprehensive interests! He knows how to create websites, create business cards and repair coffee machines. He has been working from home, but still, it is important to be among people, because without society there is no spark of life!
There is a lot of free time, interests and hobbies. Worked in the Latvian parahockey team. Currently, para-hockey in Latvia is at the beginning of its development, however, the potential for its development is very significant. Parahockey is aimed at people who use wheelchairs on a daily basis. The athlete is closely attached to the sled and essentially becomes a part of it on the playing field. Para-hockey, unlike floor-hockey, which is better known in Latvia until now, is more popular in the world and has been included in the program of the Winter Paralympic Games. Mathis can play the guitar a little. Loves being in nature and fishing. For complete happiness and independence, he lacks his own car and driver's license.
Colleagues describe him as: "A tough nut with a soft heart"! Matís recommends good sleep and sports to everyone!

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