Mikhail lives Wings of hope The "Spare" group house of the association "Cerību kūri" is located in the Cēsi district. Mihails communicates non-verbally, expressing his emotions, wishes and needs with sounds and gestures. According to his abilities, Mikhail participates in all group homework. Also, he likes to engage in youth leisure conversations, he listens and responds with a large dose of laughter, which often contributes to additional heartfelt fun. Mikhail is open and direct, if he doesn't like any of the activities, he doesn't participate, or if he doesn't like something, he doesn't eat.
Mihails, together with the other young people of the group home "Spāre", visits the specialized workshops of the day center "Spāre", there he participates in the candle-making workshop, breaks pieces of wax and fills them in molds. It is very important to mention that breaking pieces of wax and filling them in molds is a very difficult and time-consuming job for Mihail, as it requires the ability to concentrate, as well as the fine motor skills of the hands. For Mikhail, it is a kind of challenge, training and work at the same time.
Young people with mental disorders live in the "Spāre" group home, according to their abilities, and with the necessary support, they have the opportunity to live a dignified life. By participating in the specialized workshops of the "Spāre" day center, they make various high-quality, everyday useful products. They can be purchased in the stores of the social enterprise "Visi Var". If you also feel the high added value of these products and want to support the employment of people with disabilities, then you are warmly welcome in the stores of the social enterprise "Visi Var" in Sigulda, Institūta iela 5a or Raina iela 1, or online https://visivar.lv/
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