Don't be fooled!

Nēmalds goes to the Wings of Hope day center independently, every day. In the beginning, he was a withdrawn and quiet guy, but gradually he has become more communicative and open with the visitors of the center. Daily support is his mom.
Nēmalds day center deals with: ceramics, candle making, felting. He also gladly helps with household chores and does so without special request. Has made about five felt hats, but most of all he likes to make interesting combinations of candle pieces to form a pattern. He will certainly not throw the candles into the container, as is customary, but will carefully place each piece in its designated place with a stick. There is no more precise and meticulous candle maker in the center of the day! 😉 He says that: "Labrat would compete with someone in making candles, but there are no competitors to challenge him!"
With pleasure, Nēmalds also participates in the dance and light theater group. His dance partner is Patricia. Performed staged dance performances in the cultural centers of Ogre, Madona and Ziemeblāzma. In his free time, during the summer, Nēmalds goes out into nature, picking blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries. 🍓He goes to the countryside with his father on the Kalven side. There is a beautiful garden of fruit trees. For Nēmald, the meeting of all relatives is important, which takes place on the godfather's birthday, at the funeral.
At home, he likes to chop and stack firewood and fetch water from the well. In the end, he says that he likes to listen to instructions so that the work turns out to be more and more beautiful❗️

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