Since 2013, Ojārs has been cooperating with the association "Cerību tūri" and then with the Social Enterprise "Visi Var". There have been periods of downtime, but always back to the sewing machine with enthusiasm! She sewed under the guidance of Oksana, learned the basics and skills of sewing, as she had never practiced it before. In his youth, Ojars learned the specialty of "installer and adjuster of electronic equipment". True, as time has changed, this profession is no longer relevant and the skills have also disappeared.

Ojar was eager to learn new work skills and was happy to learn the basics of sewing. Basically, he processes denim fabrics by sewing them into bags, bedspreads, which is also what he is best at. They also sew autumn hats for children, adults and shopping bags. By order, SIA POLIGONS 1, which deals with active recreation services, also repairs clothes.
He is not a loud speaker, does his work quietly and occasionally looks up to see what his colleagues are doing. He is the only gentleman in the sewing workshop who gets the attention of the ladies🙂!
Ojar has a son and a daughter, as well as 2 grandchildren. In the summer, she likes to go to the sea with her daughter's family to enjoy the sun. 🌞But if you have to please your grandchildren, then pancakes are the best for him🍳 The most awaited holiday is Christmas,❄️🎀❄️ but of the seasons - spring, when everything blooms. And also, Ojars decided to sew a hat for his grandchildren with his new sewing machine, which he bought some time ago.
May the master have good health and work well❗️

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