Ojar G!

The most vivid events of Ojar's life would be divided into before and after the acquisition of the group.
When he was in good health, he worked in a lumber company and was independent in his daily activities. He also has a sister with whom he maintains a good relationship. Ojars has been with us very recently. It took some time to get the service and live in the "House of Hope". He is happy that he can be active and spend more time, fulfill his everyday life!
In the "Cerību māja" group home, he helps with horse care, mowing grass and stacking firewood under the shed. His peers describe him as very diligent, hardworking, who cannot be encouraged to work. 👍 In the association "Wings of Hope", he initially helped weavers cut the raw material for carpets, later he worked in ceramics making beads. Also works in the candle department to make candles.
Recently, Ojars took beautiful photos of Sigulda's most beautiful places, in his view. Photo art is his hobby, with which he likes to please everyone. The pictures are decorated with cups that can be bought in "Visi Var" stores.☕️
Ojar has a confectioner's diploma, and with that, he pleased the head of the group home, Svetlana, with a self-baked boiled cream cake on her birthday! I don't like sweets myself, 🧁 but I prefer pizza. Thinking about his future plans, Ojars is considering the possibility of passing the CSDD exam to obtain category B. We are very much looking forward to the creation of a wood carving workshop, where we would have the opportunity to express ourselves by creating works.
Ojars remembered the excursion when everyone went to the Nature Park in Tervete together with the visitors of the day center. Ojar has the warmest memories of what he experienced in his childhood and youth.
I wish everyone good health and everything else will take care of itself. We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts, because today is your birthday!! Good luck, Ojār❗️❗️❗️🎂🥳

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