Oksana is a person who has been a member of the "Wings of Hope" association since 2014, when the foundations of the sewing workshop on Skolas Street began to form. The first works that were not planned to be offered to buyers were sewn. Together with Oksana, the first employees - Ojārs and Taiga - learned the trade. Ojar is still working with us! "If the work is "close to your heart" and you give up, you can't not meet" - says Oksana. The first sewing jobs were clothing bags, later the assortment increased and ideas also arose during the work process. In 2018, the social work integration company "Visi Var" was founded. With this event, there was an opportunity to offer the sewn items to a wider range of customers. During these years, countless different works and commissions have been created, thus enriching my circle of knowledge.
Currently, Oksana helps young seamstresses learn sewing skills, and communication with buyers is an integral part. She does not like boredom or monotony in the work process, so bed linen will not be the most favorite order from the client. Rather, they are creative works - children's toys, embroidery, dresses, etc. Looking to the future, Oksana thinks about new technological solutions, following the latest technologies, the development of the sewing profession.
Oksana is a rich mother of 3 children aged 30, 21, and 8. Two sons and a daughter Alice. Alice is a member of the music group "Zibsnis" with a beautiful voice and has discovered a talent for painting. The family is currently facing new and pleasant changes, creating its new corner of life. When spring is already knocking outside the window, Oksana can happily focus on her hobby - the garden. There are so many flowers in the garden to cherish and care for, and each flower will have its own story. In the evenings, if necessary, mom helps with school homework, then you can play board games - UNO or Cirks. The family's quick treat is pizza!  They all love to go for long walks or bike rides together. A visit to the seaside is also enjoyed when the weather is great and the sun is shining.
"Being in this social business environment, you realize that you wouldn't want to work anywhere else", says Oksana about herself. Also for Alice, all children are accepted and equal in communication. Work and the environment we are in change us and our ideas about the world as a whole, how different we are, but we all want to be accepted, respected and loved. This is the mission of social work - to serve people by making the world a better place.


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