Today's story will be about the smiling, nice, positive Patricia!
Patricia started coming to the Wings of Hope association as a child, at preschool age. She comes to the day center workshops with joy every day! Her joy is breaking pieces of candles, putting them in molds, cutting soap and felting. I really like dancing, exercising, shopping. Therefore, as a lady also loves to pout. There will always be a nice dress or jewelry and shoes. Every day is a holiday and today, we congratulated her on her 22nd birthday❗️🎂👐 Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts and thanks to her mom for the delicious holiday cake!
If Patricia is in a worse mood, she rolls fabric strips into a ball for carpets, which is quite rare.
At home, he has supportive, loving parents, as well as his brother Elvis and a sweet cat named Rupiya.
Loves walks in nature and attends various events.
In the Wings of Hope collective, Patricia is very friendly, smiling, helpful, and everyone can learn from her positive attitude!

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