Peter has been with us recently, since autumn. We try to get to know him and open his positive side for cooperation with fellow human beings. His daily rhythm is at the center of the day of the "Wings of Hope" society. Here he, together with other peers, performs various jobs. In the morning until breakfast, he works in the candle workshop, and in the afternoon he makes soap. The soap is currently being created with a Christmas theme. 🌲 An assistant who helps to create and organize Peter's work is a big support in the works! Peter will definitely finish the work and only then will he say that he can focus on another duty. He speaks and writes little, but can understand with the help of an assistant. He is neat, accurate and has his own opinion.👌

Pēteris likes to participate in singing and dancing lessons in the afternoons. I also enjoy exercising. But he is most interested in technical things like wires, lights, electronics. In the past, when it was possible, he went to the gym in Sigulda, where he could try out the exercise bike, which he liked very much. Peter is a lover of warmth, but he also likes winter - snow❄️. He remembers the train car from the trip to "Tērvete Nature Park", where he was with the visitors of the day center, and the biggest delicacy for him is Coca cola. In the group home "Cerību māja" Pēteris has a friend Valts, with whom he shares memories and conversations.

Peter has few wishes for the holidays, which he would like to receive - a flashlight to put in his pocket and see light in the dark, as well as Coca cola. :) He has the best person in the world, and that is his mother ❣️


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