8 years is the time Renāte devoted to the weaving trade from the beginning on Skolas street, where the association "Wings of Hope" was located! Looking at the master with respect, one can admire her great patience and interest in training young weavers. She learned her skills through self-teaching with various masters in the applied art studio "Sigulda" in Taura.
At the center of the day, which was still being formed in 2013, was the first weaving loom, which Renate volunteered to put together without actually knowing how to do it. By visual memory. And it worked! At that time, she was a volunteer who taught Signe and Patricia the first basics of weaving. Renate gives a lot of credit to Druvja's dedication, because he knows how to do the job perfectly. But Vladislav skillfully prepares strips, which is his main duty.
"Each weaver is given attention and a lot of patience, because knowledge needs to be reinforced again and again in order to have a result. I also teach work discipline, patience and responsibility. Before sitting down at the weaving loom, one must first learn the technique of cutting strips. Only after the skills are mastered can one learn to weave. At the end of the day, everyone will know how to say "thank you" and "goodbye!": that's what Renate says.
Currently, there are 5 looms where someone is always working to create a carpet. Renate's dream is to donate T-shirts from the football team, because then the carpet would have a uniform color material. Every day, it is necessary to skillfully combine the combination of materials and colors, which is essential so that the carpet does not change its shape and looks tasteful. The best relaxation before sleep for Renate will be watching the Australian detective series "Miss Fisher Investigates". There comes the inspiration for gorgeous dresses, shoes and the charm of a woman. The series about the adventures of "Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson" is also on her top!
"It is satisfying when, at the end of the day, you see that "mine" have learned weaving skills. But Andris asks "did I work well today"? And everyone needs to be given that love and attention" - that's how Renāte expresses her opinion.


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