Robert is a nice, stylish young man with a pleasant smile and an artist's soul. Open and positive for communication. He attends day center classes every day. Robert has a brother and a sister, as well as a loving mother. The guy is very punctual and never late for an appointment. In a conversation with him, an assistant who has gotten to know him on a daily basis helps to understand each other!
In the center of the day, he does work that helps to express his creative side - art. These are ceramic works - various bowls, plates, candlesticks, cone decorations. The greatest satisfaction for Robert is the felt works. Even from a small photo, he knows how to redraw the picture with pencils without an eraser. Then the picture is created using felt or silk painting technique. The photos show the felt works. One of the felt works was created on a computer bag sewn by seamstresses. Value added work. Each felt painting takes about a month. His drawings are also used in the painting of silk scarves. Robert's theme is nature views and New York skyscrapers where you can express yourself in art. Robert also really likes the activities of the day center: physiotherapist classes, singing with teacher Ata, and dancing, where his partner is Signe. With my colleagues, I have been on many excursions to the Jelgava Caramel Workshop, the Retro Car Museum, the Minauzen Museum, the "Rakši" recreation complex, the wooden sculpture park "Beverin's Labyrinths", etc.
Robert's inspiration is nature, the changing seasons. There is no weather that he does not like. At home, he tries to help his mother with household chores. Clears snow from the yard in winter, helps to carry heavier purchases or prepare toast bread with a delicious side dish. During the winter season, Robert went skiing with his family. But in the evenings at home, he studies English hard and also plays Candy Crush, Home Scapes games. Likes to watch TV shows, of which the favorite programs are "No Taboo", "Burning Point", the films "Fast and without mercy", as well as other action materials. Most of all, he would like to see skyscrapers in New York and Toronto in life. There is always something to strive for!


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