Rodrigo is 33 years old. Rodrigo has always been active. His family loves him very much and supports him in everything! Mom, dad, brother. He has been in the "Wings of Hope" association for a long time. When visiting the association, he is extremely happy about all the activities he can do here, as well as the friends he meets!
In the center of the association, he works a lot with the production of leather products. Passport covers, jewelry boxes, earrings, and key chains work great. Flower vases with leather trim were also made. He has also created cases for tablets. He has also tried to make dishes in a ceramic workshop. Rodrigo has excellent fine motor skills and can especially highlight his work in embroidery on canvas! He learned this skill while studying at the 5th boarding school in Riga. Now he is improving his embroidery skills with the teacher Renāte and there are a lot of works! Rodrigo would like to see his works in an exhibition, because he has enough of them at home. One painting takes about a year to create and a lot of work and precision is invested in it. He also likes to participate together with his mother in the clean-ups organized by the association, as well as participates in the regional holiday processions.
In his spare time, he is active at home. Some of his tasks include mowing the grass, stacking firewood, tidying up his room, as well as helping his mother receive guests. He likes to take care of the order of the sauna and caress his two brave 🐶 dogs! Rodrigo is a big fan and supporter of the hockey club 🇦🇹 "Dinamo" ⛸🏒. He has all the necessary equipment, clothing, when attending the games in Arena Riga. They will blow the trumpet and shout: "Tear, tear! ". Hockey games were also attended together with school classmates.
I have been on holiday trips to Ireland with my family, but I would really like to go to Italy to visit my friend Daci and give her chocolate from Latvia. He visits the store with his mother and will definitely buy chips and lemonade. Rodrigo is a very kind and positively motivated person and, as he says, a happy person❗️ 

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